Florida Trees

This web site is designed to help guide you through the process of tree selection, and provide a list of possible trees for your project in Florida and southeast US hardiness zones 8-11 (Click here if you live in zones 2-7).   It is also designed to provide extensive cultural and maintenance information, and many photographs. This information was assembled through a grant from the USDA Forest Service Southern Region through the Florida Division of Forestry in cooperation with University of Florida and the Florida Yards and Neighborhood project. The principle authors of this system are Drs. Ed Gilman and Howard Beck, professors at University of Florida, and Alison Boydstun, assistant in horticulture.

Using the Tree Selector

urban street scene with tree-lined sidewalkThe Tree Selector allows you to develop a list of trees. You develop the list by choosing soil, site, and plant attributes. You can mark more than one value of an attribute such as soil pH. This chooses trees that can grow in soils with either one of the values of soil pH. On the other hand, when you choose values for more than one attribute, such as acid soil pH and tree height 25-50 feet, only trees with both attributes will be listed. You may choose as many attributes as you like but remember the list of matching trees diminishes as you pick more attributes. When your plant list becomes very short or has no trees on it at all, start over and choose fewer attributes. Click here for more detail.