Using These Tools

Our tools help you interact with a large database of Florida trees and shrubs. Each tool provides a list of possible trees for projects in Florida and southeast US hardiness zones 8-11. You will find extensive species specific information and photographs of species defining characteristics.

Find Trees Recommended for your Site

Get tree recommendations based on your planting site characteristics using the Tree Recommendation Tool. You will be guided through a series of questions about your planting site. At the end you will be provided with a list of trees suited for that location ("Right tree, Right place"). For best results, be sure to review the Site Analysis Checklist to properly assess your planting site before using the Tree Recommendation Tool.

Search Trees by Characteristics

Search trees based on their characteristics using the Tree Search Tool. You will develop a list of trees by choosing soil, site, and plant attributes. You may choose as many attributes as you like but remember the list of matching trees diminishes as you pick more attributes. When your plant list becomes very short or has no trees on it at all, start over and choose fewer attributes.

Identify a Tree

Identify a tree using the Tree Identification Tool. If you know some of a tree's characteristics (e.g. foliage, flower, etc.), use this tool to search the database for species that match.

About This Project

Information on this site was assembled through a grant from the USDA Forest Service Southern Region through the Florida Division of Forestry in cooperation with University of Florida and the Florida Yards and Neighborhood project. The principal authors of this system are Drs. Ed Gilman and Howard Beck, professors at University of Florida, and Alison Boydstun, assistant in horticulture.