And Away We Go With 2011

Les Harrison
Extension Agent - Sustainable Agriculture
Leon County

Events and activities in  the world of agriculture have awoken from their mid-winter’s nap.  The holidays are done, the leftovers eaten and the new year’s resolutions forgotten.  It is back to business as normal, or at least as normal as things can be in the early 21st Century.

Prices on bulk inputs have skyrocketed.  March soybeans are over $14 a bushel, March corn over $6.50 a bushel, and European scientist are claiming that five servings of fruits and vegetables are not enough to cut the risk of dying prematurely from heart disease.  They insist eight portions are the requirement for improving the odds. 

Not to be left out, the University of Illinois has published a study that indicates combining broccoli powder with broccoli sprouts may boost the absorption of sulforaphane, the mysterious compound in broccoli reputed to have anti-cancer benefits.  The recipe possibilities are almost endless for this combination. 

And, oh yes, the price of nitrogen fertilizer is up, too.  The panhandle, like the rest of the world, has returned to its frantic pace.  To learn more of what your north Florida farmers are doing, read on…