• September will be the last month to fertilize lawns using a nitrogen-containing fertilizer. Unless a soil test indicates that the lawn needs phosphorus, use a low- or no-phosphorus fertilizer such as a 15-0-15.

    • For green grass this winter, overseed the permanent lawn with annual ryegrass during October and early November. Though a well kept winter lawn can be attractive, it requires a commitment. Regular mowing, irrigation and a couple of light, supplemental applications of fertilizer will be required during the winter in order to keep the lawn looking its best. For more information view the UF/IFAS publication "Overseeding Florida Lawns for Winter Color" (

    • If winter weeds are a recurring lawn problem, apply a pre-emergence herbicide in early October. Follow label directions carefully. For more information view the UF/IFAS publication "Weed Management in Home Lawns" (