• Cut back leggy herbaceous flowering plants and remove old flower stalks. Re-fertilize in order to obtain one more color burst before cool weather.

    • Prepare beds for the planting of cool season annuals. Some plants to establish for fall, winter and early spring include: pansy, petunia, snapdragon, larkspur, bachelor button, calendula, alyssum, dianthus and candytuft.

    • Divide and replant perennials and bulbs that have grown too large or need rejuvenation, such as ajuga, amaryllis, canna, daylily, liriope and mondo grass.

    • To get a holiday cactus or poinsettia to bloom for Christmas be sure it is NOT getting light at night. Starting approximately October 1st, put the plants in a dark area that receives no light from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. Keep putting it in the dark at night for one month for the cactus, six to eight weeks for the poinsettia. Place the plant in its normal growing area during the day so that it gets sufficient light.