New Re-Blooming Azaleas Set for Release in 2011

Alex Bolques
Extension Agent II
Gadsden County

Azaleas are one of the most popular springtime flowering landscape plants in the South.  They provide a spectacular show of mass and color when they are in full bloom.  Typically, azaleas flower in late February to early April in north Florida.  However, blooming time and intensity will vary depending on seasonal variation.  For example, blooms may appear early during warm springs or later for an extended cool season.  Once spring blooming azaleas, also known as Spring Bloomers, are done wowing our landscapes with a profusion of white, pink, red, purple and orange blossoms, they are pretty much finished flowering for the rest of the year.

Azaleas in bloom traditionally hearken the arrival of spring, yet new varieties are blooming in the summer and fall. Photo Credits: Gadsden County, Florida, Chamber of Commerce

Today, as a result of plant breeding programs, you can enjoy azalea in bloom almost year round.  Many wholesale and retail plant nurseries will tag their plants with growing and care information including blooming periods.  Use this information to your advantage for selecting azalea varieties that will help you to extend color in your landscape.  Consider selecting a few varieties that will provide early (late Feb. to Mar.), middle (Apr. to Jun.) and late (Jul. to Sep.) season blooms as well as those that can bloom from spring through fall such as the Encore® series.  Tentatively scheduled for release in 2011 by Garden Debut® is a new line of evergreen azaleas that blooms in spring AND summer AND fall.  Look for these container plants in your favorite retail garden center with the Garden Debut® hummingbird branding on the pot.

Garden Debut® Déjà Vu Red Azalea Photo Credits: Greenleaf Nursery Company, Park Hill, Oklahoma

Déjà Vu Red Azalea: Single to Semi-Double 3-3 ½” red with dark red blotch; Blooms 4-6 wks in April/May; Again 12-16 weeks starting in late July; At least 6b (evaluation currently in 5b-6b test gardens); 3-4’ tall & wide compact habit

Garden Debut® Déjà Vu Lavender Azalea Photo Credits: Greenleaf Nursery Company, Park Hill, Oklahoma

Déjà Vu Lavender Azalea: 3” Dark Lavender Blooms; 5’ tall; same extended bloom as others (18-20 weeks); Spring and Fall flowering; At least 6b cold hardy

Garden Debut® Déjà Vu Double Pink Azalea Photo Credits: Greenleaf Nursery Company, Park Hill, Oklahoma

Déjà Vu Double Pink Azalea: 4-6 weeks of double blooms in Spring; 14-16 weeks of color again starting in late July or early August; Dark green foliage; Outside whorl 5-6 undulating petals and inside whorl 10 petals; 3.5-4” medium clear pink flowers; Compact habit 3-4’ tall & wide; Will continue to bloom in fall until temps fall to 32 degrees; At least 6b cold hardy

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