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Question 4

I have sprouts coming up around my crape myrtle tree. How can I stop them? Can I transplant them?

Crape myrtles, like yaupon hollies, will throw out root sprouts. Left in place, they will create a thicket of crape myrtle plants. Assuming you do not want that, you should dig and remove them using a sharp spade. The entire process probably won't take more than a few minutes each year. You cannot spray them, since they are tethered to the mother plant. Since crape myrtles are propagated by cuttings, their root systems are the same as the top growth, so these sprouts can be used as a means of staring new and identical plants.

Crape myrtles generally require little pruning. However, "suckers" or water sprouts may develop along the lower portions of main stems or from roots. These should be removed when using crape myrtles as trees. Photo Credits: Theresa Friday, Santa Rosa County Extension