Special Edition: Gulf Oil Spill

Andrew Diller
Florida Sea Grant Extension Agent
Escambia County

Our Summer 2010 issue focuses on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The University of Florida and Florida Sea Grant are committed to provide the best science-based information to the communities and individuals impacted by the spill. Research is already under way into just what the economical, environmental, and health impacts will be and what services Extension can provide. The articles in this issue provide a place to start and cover a variety of topics including a basic introduction to oil spills, clean-up and response methods, seafood safety, human stress, and environmental impacts. Please don't hesistate to contact your local Extension Office with any question about the spill. We will find the best available answers to help everyone overcome this disaster.

Oil coated hard hat that washed ashore on Perdido Key. Photo Credits: Andrew Diller