water quality

Agricultural BMPs for Phosphorus Reduction in South Florida
Agricultural Water Use Modeling
A Landowner's Handbook for Controlling Erosion from Forestry Operations
Analysis and Design of Stormwater BMPs
An Investigation of the St. Johns Water Control District: Reservoir Water Qualit...
Biscayne Bay Water Quality Monitoring Network
Brighton Reservation Monitoring
Conservation Area Inflows and Outflows
Development of phosphorus indices for nutrient management planning strategies in ...
Effects of a Managed Three Zone Riparian Buffer System on Shallow Groundwater Qua...
Effects of Nitrogen Rates on Dry Matter and Nitrogen Accumulation in Citrus Fruit...
Estimating Irrigation Water Requirements
Evaluation of a Resin Coated Nitrogen Fertilizer for Young Citrus Trees on a Deep...
First-Year Response of "Ruby Red" Grapefruit on Four Root Stocks to Fertilization...
Growth, Evapotranspiration, and Nitrogen Leaching from Young Lysimeter-Grown Oran...
Impact of Alternative Citrus Management Practices on Ground Water Nitrate in the ...
Indian River Lagoon
Kissimmee River Eutrophication Abatement Project
Lake Okeechobee Littoral Zone
Lake Okeechobee Water Quality Studies and Eutrophication Assessment
Managing Pesticides for Citrus Production and Water Quality Protection
Nitrogen Best Management Practice for Citrus Trees I. Fruit yield, Quality, and L...
Nitrogen best management practice for citrus trees II. Nitrogen fate, transport, ...
Nonpoint Source Components of Total Maximum Daily Loads
Phosphorus Budget - Land use relationships for the Northern Lake Okeechobee Water...
Preliminary Investigations of Periphyton and Water Quality Relationships in the E...
Recovery and Use of Runoff Water from Seep Sub irrigation on Florida Flatwoods So...
Setting Priorities for Research on Pollution Reduction Functions of Agricultural ...
Soil Ratings for Selecting Pesticides for Water Quality Goals
South Florida Water Management District Water Quality Monitoring Network 1980 Ann...
Spatial and Temporal Variations of Water Quality in Drainage Ditches within Veget...
The Economics of Stormwater BMPs: An Update
The Effectiveness of Buffer Strips for Ameliorating Offsite Transport of Sediment...
The Water Quality-Planning Model
Variation in Soil pH and Calcium Status Influenced by Microsprinkler Wetting Patt...
Water Quality Analysis in the Water Conservation Areas
Water Quality Impact of Vegetative Filter Strips
Water Quality Impacts of Vegetative Filter Strips and Riparian Areas
Water Quality Management Plan for the S-2 and S-3 Drainage Basins in the Everglad...
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